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There are two basic types of Service Agreements offered by PKSIP to our clients. Each type of agreement is designed to meet the specific needs of the client in managing their network and/or maintaining the fitness of their network hardware.

For clients with more than 10 workstations, we typically recommend going with a monthly maintenance contract covering all the equipment in your office, with no limits on time within a standard 8x5 week.

For small businesses or individuals with less than ten workstations, it is usually more efficient to contract for a specific number of hours per month to perform scheduled preventative maintenance or network management. This plan also provides more versatility to support computers of varying degrees of fitness or unique configurations.

For small businesses with more than ten workstations or critical network management needs, it is more efficient to contract for blanket coverage for all computers and network hardware. This plan is particularly designed for a network with computers of similar fitness and configuration.

Alternatively, PKSIP can perform work on a Time & Materials basis at our current hourly rate. In all cases, service is provided on an 8x5 basis. Service is available outside of our normal business hours at a rate 150% of our standard hourly rate.

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