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Have more time to spend on your core business by allowing PKSIP to handle the day to day System Administration tasks associated with keeping your servers and pc’s running smoothly.

Whether you have one standalone pc or a rack full of servers, PKSIP has the expertise to provide the support you need. Our experience extends from the very first Microsoft Operating Systems and up through Windows 2008 Server and Windows 7. PKSIP can administer your Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, Exchange Server, SQL Server and much more.

If a hammer is the only tool someone knows how to use, everything looks like a nail. The same holds true for IT. If you only understand software, it’s hard to diagnose a hardware or communications problem.

We don’t believe hardware experience should be limited to board swapping, we employ qualified electronic technicians. There’s more to know about software than just how to install it, which is why we have software developers on staff who are familiar with numerous software development platforms.

We have a large compliment of tools which allows us to bring far more to the table.

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