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What is a home network?

PKSIP understands that a home network is simply a way of connecting two or more computers so they can communicate with one another. Networking your home computers offers a number of capabilities and features that your individual computers may not have had before. By connecting your computers on a home network, you can:

Share files between computers

If, for example, you have a project you’ve been working with on your laptop and want to copy it to your home computer in the den, you would have had to copy the file to a disk or thumb drive, install the disk on the second computer and then copy the file. This can be slow and some large projects may not fit a single disk or thumb drive. With a properly configured home network, you can copy files from one computer to the other without even leaving your desk.

Share an Internet connection

DSL and Cable are Internet connections for your home that can provide a high speed connection to the Internet. Without a home network, you may only be able to get one computer at a time on your high-speed Internet connection, or you may have to have all your pc’s in one central location. We can help you create wired, wireless or hybrid network in your home. If you already have a wireless home network, we can make sure you’re not inadvertently losing your bandwidth to your neighbors.

Share a printer

If you have multiple computers and you don’t want to deal with the hassle (not to mention the desk space) to having a printer for each one, a network allows all the computers connected to one another to share a single printer.

Network gaming

More and more people are getting into the hobby of computer games. If you enjoy playing the latest games on your computers, you and your friends or the other members of your household can play together over a network, making computer games a social rather than a solitary experience.

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